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Call or visit; our San Jose, CA lighting wholesale store offers a wonderful selection of table lamps, outdoor lighting, kitchen and bath designs, ceiling fans and more. Most products are in stock, ready to purchase and take home today!  We also offer installation services. 

If you have an LED product need or idea, let us know. We offer direct to the public LED solutions from our factory in China. We are always interested in new lighting trends and would be happy to help.

These days, there are a seemingly unlimited number of lighting options on the market. LED lighting has come a long way in the past few years. Many newer LED's are brighter and more energy efficient than any other lighting source. On top of that, the prices are always dropping.

Be aware of LED's that are "cheap". Many manufacturers of LED lighting will have a lifetime rating on their packaging. You may see LED's that are super cheap that are rated at 15 years. However, the best quality LED's will be rated at 30 years plus. Some manufacturers have sacrificed quality in the race to lower prices. We never do that. Our prices are low because we own the factory overseas.

We can match or beat all competitors' pricing. Our lighting solutions are the best in the industry. If you live in San Jose, CA or surrounding areas, come by and visit our showroom.
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Why did we choose San Jose, California for our headquarters?

Originally, the Ohlone Native Americans were the native inhabitants of the area currently known as San Jose. In the later 18th century, the Spanish founded Mission Santa Clara. The first settlement was known as San Jose de Guadalupe, which was also at the time, the capital of California. However, the state capital was later moved to Monterey.

The primary focus of San Jose was originally agriculture. The entire valley was at one time full of orchards. Then, in 1938, Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett setup shop at was is known as HP. IBM also had a presence in San Jose early on.

Today, many view San Jose as a piece of the puzzle that is referred to as the Silicon Valley. The Silicon Valley, to some, stretches from Gilroy all the way to San Francisco. Just about every city in between has some claim to its inclusion in the Tech capitol of the U.S.

LEDJUMP, INC. feels that San Jose, CA is the best place for innovation. The LED and lighting industries are always on the cutting edge of signs companies, commercial spaces and especially residential. Being in San Jose gives us LEDJUMP an edge over our competition when it comes to innovating lighting solutions now and in the future.



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